A family portrait, front porch of the farmhouse, Brentwood, California.

A family portrait, front porch of the farmhouse, Brentwood, California.

About Bridge + Delta

Bridge + Delta Publishing brings us back to the family farmhouse in Brentwood, California, often filled with generations of families on its 11 acres of stories. To get there, we would travel from Stockton every weekend, crossing three bridges over the sprawling California Delta. It was then, the feeling of almost there would overtake us ... that feeling of almost home... where Lolo (Grandpa Vic), uncles and aunties, "Brandy" the dog, and tapioca pudding would be ready to welcome us.

Bridge + Delta was founded on the spirit of "home" and immigrant journeys that are absolutely American at their core. We publish stories for families and communities to understand their past, present and future, so that their immigration story gives them a better understanding of who they are. That way, our communities are not just almost home. They are home.

Here’s to the bridges and deltas that connect us. 

Gayle Romasanta, Publisher


About Gayle Romasanta

Gayle Romasanta received her Bachelor of Arts, Creative Writing, from San Francisco State University and received a scholarship to attend the Master of Fine Arts Writing program, at California College of the Arts. Since then, her work as a writer and editor has been published in newspapers, magazines, books, online, and featured on radio and television programs on KQED, KPFA, ABS-CBN, WB, NBC and FOX news affiliates. Gayle’s work in theater, film and music has been featured in events and venues such as the Houston Asian American Music Festival, San Francisco Asian American Jazz Festival,  and the Cultural Center of the Philippines. She is a former artistic director of Bindlestiff Studio, the only Filipino American theater in the United States. She also co-founded California College of the Arts literary arts journal, “Eleven Eleven,” and her first children’s book, “Beautiful Eyes” (Meritage Press 2012, Bridge and Delta Publishing 2018 ) is part of the curriculum for the San Francisco Unified School District. She also co-composed the music for the first Google Philippines campaign commercial in 2014. Currently, she is the founder and owner of Bridge and Delta Publishing, producing the first-ever series of its kind: eight books on Filipino American history for 4th-9th grade students, their teachers and families. The first book, Journey for Justice: The Life of Larry Itliong, co-written with the late and great Dr. Dawn Mabalon, was launched on October 27, 2018.