Pia Cortez: Hella Pinay Article

Pia Cortez wrote a beautiful post about Journey for Justice for Hella Pinay. We loved it over here, especially when she writes about rethinking her American-ness and her sense of belonging in the United States because of the history of Larry Itliong and others in the farm labor movement. That is exactly what Bridge and Delta Publishing strives to do: Publish immigrant stories to show that that is the core of being an American. Some immigrants may think they can't claim being an American. But Everyone who came here, via their ancestors or themselves, was an immigrant. America was also built on the backs of immigrants, history that is painful to listen, read and acknowledge. But we must read it, write it and publish it, to fully grow and become a better society. Check out her piece, "Writing Ourselves Whole," here. Thank you Pia! 

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